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Luk Follin – A Vibe Can´t Lie

Luk Follin – A Vibe Can´t Lie

Label: Deeplomatic Recordings

Release date: 13/06/2016

Catalog number: DPL064




A Vibe Can´t Lie (Original Mix)
Luk Follin
A Vibe Can´t Lie (Serg Szysz Remix)
Luk Follin, Serg Szysz
A Vibe Can´t Lie (Matheus Mingori Remix)
Luk Follin, Matheus Mingori

Deeplomatic Recordings EP#064, Luk Follin’s debut in the label brings some amazing deep house vibes for the summer.

A Vibe Can’t Lie includes remixes from Matheus Mingori (BRZ) and Serg Szysz (ARG), two heavy weights of the South American deep house scene.