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Kindbud – The Soho Sessions Remixes

Kindbud – The Soho Sessions Remixes

Label: Deeplomatic Recordings

Release date: 14/06/2019

Catalog number: DPL097




Ladies & Gentlemen (Tres Manos Mindful Remix)
Kindbud, Tres Manos
The Equation (Piem Remix)
Kindbud, Piem
4 On The Floor (DJ Gomi Remix)
Kindbud, DJ Gomi
Machines (Nita Aviance Remix)
Kindbud, Bobby Duron, TradeCraft, Nita Aviance
Feeling It (Eli Escobar Remix)
Kindbud, Nashom, Eli Escobar
The Equation (Alexander Technique Remix)
Kindbud, Alexander Technique

Deeplomatic Recordings EP#097. Currently based in New York City, Kindbud is an international DJ, producer, songwriter, and vocalist. His latest release, The Soho Sessions Remixes, is the official follow up to his EP, The Soho Sessions, which was released in May 2018 on Deeplomatic Recordings. Featuring remixes from top producers such as Eli Escobar, Piem, Alexander Technique, DJ Gomi, and more, The Soho Sessions Remixes EP injects new life to Kindbud’s signature vocals, while showcasing a wide range of the deep/tech house sound spectrum.