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Raye is a Spanish DJ and producer. His career began in the 90´s with dark and compelling sounds of hard techno, he then refined his style and gave more color to his sessions, going from dark techno to tech house and finally reaching to deep house, where he is established right now. Filled quality sessions, with strong bases, big doses full of color and sensuality, although sometimes the Fenix comes back from it´s ashes and then you can experience a festival of deep dark grooves. No one remains indifferent.

He began his adventure as a music producer some years ago , after some time looking for his own sounds, he starts publishing to P21 label, with deep house sounds. Not long after that he published his first EP for Beiak records ̈”London”, with which he continuous to release magnificent productions.

He continues publishing EP’s in different music labels like Kerala , Beatflowrecords , D -room, cut Fitnest Records, City life , and currently in 2014 he has pending the release of new tracks and EPs on different relevant labels, among of which includes Deeplomatic Recordings.

Raye has shared the DJ booth with many national and international DJ´s, and going through mythical clubs as The Egg (London), Love Gang (Hamburg) , Studio76, Cabin, Winds, Opium, Fabrik, Taboo, Raw club, Bassago, Groove, and many more.

His relationship with music is so close that he can be spotted at any festival dancing in the dance floor for 10 hours non-stop! It´s definitely his biggest passion, and as a result he always know how to enhance the music for the audience with what is needed at all times, he never disappoints!


Agency: Deeplomatic Recordings

Phone: +34 646716675


The artist

Nationality: Spanish

Resident in: Madrid, Spain