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Lefty D


Lefty D is a music producer and resident DJ at Dybbuk (Athens). Real name Lefteris Dikaios, Lefty D was born and raised in Athens (GR). He started DJing at the age of 21 while he was studying finance at AUEB. He has made appearances at respected venues & clubs in Athens ,as well as other locations around Greece and worked together with many artists from the Greek nightlife.

He graduated in 2013 from SAE Institute of Athens after successfully completing Electronic Music Production Level I & II where he took the knowledge and the experience he needed to create his own music!

He has already released music on respected labels such as  Neim Records, Defined Music, No Agenda Music, Plasteline Recordings and others and has been remixed by artists such as Javi Lopez (Cajual Records, Viva Music, 303 Lovers), Lee Burton (ΑΜΑΜ / Infine / Klik / IRR) ,The Midnight Perverts (Get Physical, Neim, Superfreq) & SEK ( Danse Club, Lost My Dog, OFF, Madhouse Records, Kote) .

Lefty D is without doubt an artist that strives to achieve great things in terms of musical expression. His style can be characterized as dark, filthy, tense and hypnotic; he also usually uses his own smokey vocals.


Agency: Deeplomatic Recordings

Phone: +34 646716675


The artist

Nationality: Greek

Resident in: Athens, Greece