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Iori Wakasa


Iori Wakasa spent his early life on small islands, surrounded by the sea and the mountains. He began to experiment with keyboards for the first time at the age of only 3, moving onto the piano by the age of 5. Even in these early years, he was drawn into the electronic sound; through game music, and heavily influenced by the tastes of his father.

As the years went on he devoted himself to the piano, which gave him an avenue to explore his feelings and sensitivity. Iori also became fascinated with the spirit of rock music, especially punk rock. Although different in sound, this fascination allowed him to open his eyes to the addictiveness of deep and energetic dance music, particularly house and techno

By the age of 15 he became a part of Tokyo’s nightclub scene, starting to DJ a couple of years later. His sets would range from Detroit Techno, to Chicago House and Asian folk music, meaning he became indispensable in the club scene of Tokyo.

His sets spun out a vortex of sound, his technique focused on mixing a wide range of genres such as House, Techno, Jazz, Funk, Down Tempo, Nu Disco, Chill, Breakbeats and Ambient, all interlaced with chaos and sophistication. His music allowed the audience to experience ‘supernatural underground space, whilst being deeply wrapped in a magnificent forest.’

Over the last three years Iori has played 450 gigs, including a European tour of 10 performances over four countries in 2010 and 2011. In Germany he was booked with Sis, Kollektiv, Termstrasse, Format; B and youANDme. He also appeared in Frankfurt at the 24th Anniversary party of Club Airport , playing to a crowd 6,000-strong,and He booked to Nature One Festival which is one of the biggest open air festival in Europe (about 65,000 people had come in that time all together),and he made over 3,000 crowds on the floor freaky.

His sets are recognized by many of big artists,like,in April of 2010,his mix set “Contrast Of Deep” was chosen to the best of official podcast contest award of Atjazz.

Also in September of 2013,he appeared for the guest mix on John Digweed`s official online radio showcase `Transition`,and he got great feedbacks from over 10,000 crowds.

His music reflects the warm and rich fellowship of an addictive groove in the brain, combined with raw humanity. He describes it as ‘hard-softness’; music entangled by a complex web of delicate and organic sound.

He released many awesome releases which includes 3 Vinyl EP catalogs all together.Especially,in 2013,his original second 12inch vinyl “Earth Steps EP” is the first release of Iori’s on the emerging ‘Baastard’ label, handpicked by Vaal to be the statement record on the imprint.

This release has received a great support and attention, for example was played in Xpress-2 in the Ministry Of Sound Radio Show.

Also Iori will have BIG collaboration EP release with Satoshi Tomiie on Satoshi`s own label Saw Recordings on April 2014.

His work has gained huge support over the last year from artists such as John Digweed,Richie Hawtin, Satoshi Tomiie,Osunlade,Nic Fanciulli, Luciano, Kerri Chandler, Move D, Dyed Soundorom, Lee Foss, Pezzner, Alex Celler, Dubfire,DJ.T, Reboot, Robert Owens, Steve Lawler, Jimpster,Peter Dundov,Daniel Wang, Florian Kruse, Kolombo, Robosonic, Gorge, Slam, Shur-i-kan, Sante, Robert Babicz, Move D, Vaal,Joris Voorn,Paco Osuna, Robert Grant, Mirco Violi, Andre Crom, Don WIlliams, M.A.N.D.Y, Ray Okpara, Martin Patino, Ian Pooley, Stacey Pollen, Simon Garcia, Matt Tolfrey, Robert Dietz, Francesco Bonora, Marcel Vidal & Sandro Beninati,Satoshi Fumi and Franco Bianco.


Iori Wakasa appears on :

Deeplomatic Recordings / Baastard / Saw Recordings / Kindisch / Micro Tech / Addicted Music / Recycle / Unknown Season / eMBi Musik / Vogelfrei / Perception Music / Prismat Recordings / Wasabi Recordings / Frabon Recordings / Plus Tokyo


– Discography –

Artist / Track / Label / (Format)



Iori Wakasa – Mind Piano / Orbit (Mind Piano EP) incl. Remixes by Alex Celler,Pezzner – eMBi Musik (Germany) – (12inch Vinyl / Digital)

Iori Wakasa – Earth Steps / Place In Your Black (Earth Steps EP) – Baastard (UK) – (12 inch Vinyl / Digital)

Iori Wakasa,Sandro Beninati&Marcel Vidal – Green Statement (Iori`s Raw City Beats) (Green Statement EP) – Vogelfrei – (12 inch Vinyl / Digital)

Iori Wakasa – Early Garden / Deep Dreamin` Drive / Stars Stars (Early Garden EP) – Addicted Music (UK) – (Digital)



Iori Wakasa – Reincarnation – ECI Korea (Korea) – (CD)

Iori Wakasa,Emde – Reigns Over You (Reigns Over You EP) incl.Remixes by Andre Crom & Martin Dawson,SCSI-9 – Prismat Recordings (Poland) – (Digital)



Iori Wakasa – Snowfield Of Midnight / Cogwheels – O.T.E. (Germany) – (Digital)

Iori Wakasa – Harvest / Calm  / Ancient Blue (Harvest EP) incl.Remixes by Guido Nemola,Molisans Brothers – Frabon Recordings (Italy) – (Digital)

Iori Wakasa – Reincarnation – ECI Korea (Korea) – (Digital)



Iori Wakasa – Spring Breath – Plus Records (Japan) – (Digital)

Iori Wakasa – Love Is Organ – Darek (Switzerland) – (Digital)




OMB – Falcon (Iori Wakasa 2013 Remix) – Totem Traxx (Japan) – (Digital)

Guido Nemola – Waiting (Iori Wakasa Remix) – Recycle (Italy) – (Digital)

Foog – Scirocco (Iori Wakasa Remix) – Aubele (Japan) – (Digital)

Satoshi Fumi – 4mm (Iori Wakasa Remix) – Unknown Season (Japan) – (Digital)

Ben Hoo – Nightscape (Iori Wakasa Remix) – Kindisch (Germany) – (Digital)



Felipe L – Pretty Baby (Iori Wakasa Remix) – Perseption Music (Spain) – (Digital)

OMB – Falcon (Iori Wakasa Remix) – Totem Traxx (Japan) – (Digital)

Pieprer,Kappetjn – Eagle Turns (Iori Wakasa Remix) – eMBi Musik (Germany) – (Digital)

Satoshi Fumi – Asiantom (Iori Wakasa Remix) – Aubele (Japan) – (Digital)

Drunken Kong,Let It – See The World (Iori Wakasa Remix) – Plus Records (Japan) – (Digital)



Shin Nishimura – Knightsbridge (Iori Wakasa Remix) – Plus Records (Japan)

Lady K – Deep`s Back (Iori Wakasa Remix) – HighSeVen Records (France) – (Digital)

Emde – Carvenzo (Iori Wakasa Remix) – ECI Korea (Korea) – (Digital)

Gino’s – Artefakt (Iori Wakasa Remix) – High SeVen Records (France) – (Digital)

Vic Miranda – Telescope (Iori Wakasa Remix) – Sterooxid (Spain) – (Digital)



MicRoCheap – Loco Bastard (Remixed by Shin Matsura & Iori Wakasa – Packed Music (Spain) – (Digital)

Manabu Kitabori – Housaku (Iori Wakasa Remix) – 2E2L Recordings (Japan) – (Digital)


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The artist

Nationality: Japanese

Resident in: Tokyo, Japan