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Angel de Frutos


Angel de Frutos was born in Ibiza, Spain. At the early age of eight, he begins to dance jazz and breakdance (hip hop). This takes him to be influenced by breakdance DJs and to play electric funk music. At eleven, he was an authentic virtuous of DJ techniques.The funky and electro funky are the first styles of music De Frutos dominates. Being very young, this catches the attention of the hippest club in the 80’s and 90’s.At the precocious age of 12, he is playing for the first time in Pacha Ibiza with unusual serenity and maturity for a child of his age. This takes him to initiate his presence in afternoon sessions for younger people. Just two years later, he is the official DJ of the nightlife of Pacha Ibiza,A few months later, he plays for the first time in the Terraza of Space, Ibiza, converting himself as one of the pioneers of Balearic sound, acid house, and the first DJ in the world to play house music in the main room of techno in the club.

Under the influence of the creator of Balearic sound and his great mentor, Alfredo Fiorito, he quickly begins to play alongside the best DJs of the moment: Sacha, Darren Emerson (Underworld), David Morales,Tony humphiries,Claudio Coccoluto etc etc Here he begins his playing for the best clubs in Ibiza and the world. He visits the United States for the first time in 2000, at the Terraza of the afterhourpower Club (Avalon). He has a brand new, totally different style, that the city of Los Angeles falls in love with him. By this time, he is not only the pioneer of his style, he is the first DJ to play house music with CDs.This surprises everyone and changes the style of music in the city. From 2000-2011, his trajectory is centered at Club de Luxe , Catwalk in Barcelona and the hottest clubs in L.A. At this time, he played alongside Axwell, Steve Angello, Joey Negro, Erik Morillo, etc. Here is where he meets David Tort, who becomes a major influence of the direction of Angel’s music. with David and DJ Ruff, he produces the song L.A. Girls. L.A. Girls becomes a huge hit and is included in the band Sonora of the famous MTV series, The Hills. At this time Frutos becomes number one on the DJ list in the deep house genre in 2008-2010. In 2011, he’s number one in nu disco-indie dance and number 10 in the world in techno house. In actuality, he’s preparing his EP debut on INTEC( Carl Cox’s record label) for 2014 alongside his friend and partner Mindskap, with the song THIS IS THE SOUND. The sound was a great success in Carl Cox’s summer sessions in Space Ibiza.The musical variety and excellent taste, makes De Frutos a guaranteed success in any DJ booth in the world. His energy and winning smile has pleased his many fans. 

2008,2009 & 2010 number 1 worldwide in the deep house genre on DJ list 
2008,2009 & 2010 number 1 Hollywood DJ list 
2011 number 1 worldwide in nu disco/indie disco DJ list 
2011 number 10 worldwide in tech -house genre DJ list 


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The artist

Nationality: Spanish

Resident in: Managua, Nicaragua