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Aevasyon is a 26-year-old House / Deep House Producer and DJ from Toulouse, France.

Aevasyon, a name that comes from ‘A for Antoine’ and ‘evasion’ characterises perfectly well Aevasyon’s work. His music always comes with groovy vibes that helps your mind to simply let go. Passionate about music since he was a little child, he began playing saxophone and then the guitar until he was 18 years old. Playing around with music software, Aevasyon moved over to electronic music during his early twenties.

Travelling around for some years through Europe, Asia and Latin America, he lived in China, Peru and Hong Kong. During this period he discovered many different music genres and cultures that inspired him over the span of his beginnings in the music industry.
During that time he released his first EP «Alteration». Over the years his music skills have refined to pun- chy deep house & chill house style tracks. Last year he released his second EP «Dare», a mix of melo- dic, instrumental and deep house tracks.

Now back in France, Aevasyon has focused on studio time to release his third EP «Asian Trip» on UK re- cord label Deeplomatic Recordings.


Agency: Deeplomatic Recordings

Phone: +34646716675


The artist

Nationality: French

Resident in: France